The Science Behind NiacinMax

Rapidly absorbed, direct-to-cell delivery makes NiacinMax the most bioavailable niacin supplement on the market.

Before you can get any benefit from a traditional pill or powder based supplement, it has to travel through your gastrointestinal tract before it is absorbed into your bloodstream and delivered to your cells.

Conventional supplements can take as long as two to four hours to work their way through your digestive system. NiacinMax avoids your digestive system entirely and delivers niacin directly to your cells within moments.

Traditional Supplements

Slow-acting and degrades in the digestive system


Liposomal Encapsulated NiacinMax

Fast-acting and avoids the digestive system


Our liposomes avoid the digestive system by penetrating the musocal tissue in your mouth, delivering niacin directly into your bloodstream and straight to your cells within minutes.

NiacinMax is a fine spray that dissolves on your tongue, allowing the niacin to be quickly absorbed through the mucosal tissue in your mouth and into your bloodstream within just minutes. It also means that unlike some supplements that can give you an upset stomach by irritating its lining – especially when taken on an empty stomach – NiacinMax won’t cause any side effects.

NiacinMax liposomal encapsulation technology: armoured defence against nutrient breakdown

Nutrients are delicate things. In an ordinary supplement they don’t stand much chance against the destructive acids and enzymes in your gastrointestinal tract. Even environmental elements like moisture and oxygen can start to break them down before you even take them.

In fact, conventional supplements have such poor bioavailability that as much as 85-90% of the active ingredients can end up being passed as waste by your body. When you buy an ordinary supplement you might as well be flushing your money down the toilet.

NiacinMax uses liposomal encapsulation technology to protect the niacin right up until the moment it is delivered to your cells.

Liposomes are microscopic, double-layered bubbles that surround the niacin like a suit of armour, shielding it from damage and transporting it safely into your bloodstream.

Once in your bloodstream, the liposomes fuse with and deliver the niacin directly into your cells. Liposomes are made from phospholipids, which is the same type of material that makes up the protective membranes of every cell in your body. In fact, properly made liposomes are almost identical in structure to your cells.


Liposomal Encapsulation

Many other supplements that claim to be liposomal do not use a high enough quantity of phospholipids, or use low quality, inferior soy lecithin to make their liposomes, making them weak and liable to break apart before they can fuse with your cells. These are not true liposomes.

We’ve spent years perfecting the strongest, toughest liposomes to ensure a supplement with the highest possible bioavailability. NiacinMax liposomes are specially formulated using high amounts of the highest purity, pharmaceutical grade phosphatidylcholine (PC). This nutritious type of phospholipid keeps your cell membranes healthy by providing them with a vital form of nourishment, and produces true liposomes with the greatest strength, stability and bioavailability. In other words, the niacin is better protected, better absorbed, and more effective.


Conventional supplement absorption time compared to NiacinMax

Only NiacinMax uses the unique combination of liposomal encapsulation technology and spray delivery system for rapid absorption and direct-to-cell delivery. It’s fast, efficient and about as close to 100% bioavailability as you can get from a supplement.

A more effective niacin supplement… at a smaller dose?

There is no shortage of cheaper supplements that contain higher amounts of niacin than NiacinMax.  NiacinMax contains 15mg of niacin per dose while other supplements contain 100mg or more per tablet or capsule. But that doesn’t mean they are stronger or more effective. Just the opposite.

They have to use higher dosages to compensate for the amount of niacin that will be destroyed during the digestion process. You might think you’re getting a better deal by buying a supplement with a higher dose, but slow absorption rates and poor bioavailability means they take longer to work and the amount of niacin that ends up in your bloodstream is nowhere near the amount it says on the bottle.

Our liposomal technology combined with spray delivery system means that even at smaller doses, NiacinMax is faster acting, more powerful and more effective than any other niacin supplement. It’s also why the flush you’ll get with NiacinMax is milder than any other niacin supplement.

NiacinMax contains less niacin than other supplements, but liposomal encapsulation technology combined with a unique delivery system makes it more effective than conventional pills.

NiacinMax’s unique delivery technology means you won’t find a more powerful niacin supplement anywhere else.

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