How To Use NiacinMax

Our liposomal encapsulation technology and unique, targeted delivery method makes NiacinMax the most powerful niacin supplement on the market.

Here’s how to get maximum results from it.

How do I take NiacinMax?

Each peppermint flavoured dose of NiacinMax provides 15mg of niacin. Spray 3 times into your mouth. It dissolves in seconds, releasing the niacin directly into your bloodstream.

Take your NiacinMax once per day, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. You’ll get the best results from NiacinMax if you train 3-5 hours after taking it – this is when the delayed HGH-release effects will start to kick in2.

To get even more of an advantage from NiacinMax’s powerful HGH-release effects, you may choose to take a second dose 3-4 hours before you go to bed. We recommend this if you are training at least five times per week.

Remember, liposomal encapsulation technology combined with our unique delivery system make NiacinMax more effective than one ordinary 100mg pill.

Why do I need to take NiacinMax on an empty stomach?

The presence of fatty acids in the bloodstream reduces the amount of human growth hormone that is released during exercise. Although niacin suppresses lipolysis (the breakdown of fats), preventing fatty acids from entering the bloodstream, taking it when there is a lower fatty acid concentration in the blood significantly increases the amount of growth hormone released during exercise2,16. Taking NiacinMax in the morning before you eat means you will have much lower levels of fatty acids in your bloodstream, which means you’ll get the full power of niacin’s HGH-releasing properties when it’s time to train. Wait 10 minutes after taking NiacinMax before eating.

Why do I need to take NiacinMax 3-5 hours before I train?

img-600percent-clockAlthough niacin will increase your HGH levels even without exercise, studies have shown this effect is significantly higher (600% or more) when combined with exercise2. Because the boost in HGH levels is a delayed effect, occurring 3-5 hours after taking niacin, you should take NiacinMax about 3-5 hours before you train to ensure the elevation in your HGH levels coincides with your training.

If your training schedule doesn’t allow you to take NiacinMax this far in advance (for example, you train first thing in the morning) don’t worry. Take it as soon as you are able to. You’ll still benefit from a HGH boost. But aim to coincide this with your training whenever possible and you’ll get a much bigger HGH increase and far better results.

Can I take NiacinMax on non-training days?

img-calendarEven when you don’t exercise, taking niacin will still increase HGH secretion (although this effect is not as high as when it is combined with training2). So you can still take NiacinMax on your rest days and benefit from an increase in HGH levels. HGH’s positive effects on tissue repair and protein synthesis will help speed your rest day recovery and muscle growth.

What are the advantages of taking a second dose of NiacinMax before bed?

Sleep is absolutely vital to your recovery and physical wellbeing. While you sleep, your body undergoes a huge repair process. Muscle tissues repair and grow, energy is restored and the brain is recharged, preparing you physically and mentally for your next training day. HGH, which stimulates cell growth and protein synthesis, plays a huge part in this process.

About 70% of your normal daily HGH output is produced while you sleep, with levels peaking about an hour after you fall asleep. This is an excellent time to take advantage of niacin’s HGH-boosting effects. When the rise in your HGH levels caused by NiacinMax coincides with the peak in your natural levels while you sleep, you’ll benefit from a huge surge in HGH secretion, accelerating your muscle recovery and growth overnight.

This boost in HGH levels occurs about 3-5 hours after taking NiacinMax, so to ensure this coincides with the peak in your natural levels, you should take your second dose of NiacinMax about 3-4 hours before you go to bed.


Poor quality sleep can negatively impact your HGH levels and studies have shown that peak HGH secretion is delayed the later you go to sleep32,33. So to maximise the benefits of your second dose of NiacinMax – and your training – make sure you are getting an adequate amount of good quality sleep every night.

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