The Niacin Flush

If you’ve used niacin before, you’ll already be familiar with the ‘Niacin Flush’. So you’ll probably be glad to know that the NiacinMax flush is far less intense than those you’ll have experienced with any other niacin supplement. Even so, if you’re not prepared for it, the flush can take you by surprise – even our mild one. If you’ve never heard of the flush and this is your first time using niacin, here’s what to expect when you take NiacinMax:

What is the Niacin flush?

About 4-6 minutes after you take NiacinMax, you’ll experience a tingling sensation in your face and neck, and a slight reddening of your skin. Your skin might feel warm (a bit like mild sunburn) and may be a bit itchy. The sensation might also extend to your chest, arms and hands.

This is known as the ‘Niacin Flush’. It happens to everyone and it’s completely harmless. In fact, some people quite enjoy it. The flush is temporary, and will wear off within about 10 minutes.

You’ll get the flush every time you take NiacinMax. It will be most intense the first time you take it, but as your body builds up a tolerance it will become more mild each time.

The mild NiacinMax flush

You don’t have to search far online to find stories of people turning lobster red from head to toe, feeling like they’ve had a run in with a cactus or having to avoid going out in public during the flush due to the redness. If you’ve come across any of these horror stories or you’ve had a bad flush experience in the past, we wouldn’t blame you for feeling a bit dubious about NiacinMax!

But don’t let the flush put you off trying NiacinMax. Compared to other niacin products, the flush you’ll experience with NiacinMax is extremely mild, and you won’t end up looking like a lobster. This is because of the way we biostructure our niacin and use a rapidly absorbed, dissolving delivery system, enabling us to reduce the strength of the niacin so you can enjoy a very mild flush – but without diluting the end results. Most of our customers are pleasantly surprised when they try NiacinMax for the first time and realise how mild the flush really is.

The flush means it’s working

It’s might be a bit of a nuisance for some people, but the flush is a good thing. It’s solid physical and visible proof that you are getting the real thing and that the niacin is working.

Niacin is a vasodilator – it expands all the blood vessels in your body. This enables more blood to flow through them, delivering more nutrients, oxygen and hormones to your cells and removing more toxic waste like carbon dioxide from them.



There are different types of blood vessel. The largest are the arteries that carry blood away from the heart. These arteries get smaller and smaller as they extend from the heart, and at the end of every large artery is a large network of tiny blood vessels called capillaries. These capillaries are so small that blood cells can only go through them one at a time in single file.

NiacinMax causes even your tiniest capillaries to expand, so they are able to carry two or three blood cells at the same time. This greatly increases blood flow throughout all your capillaries, causing a rush of blood to all the areas supplied by them.

It’s this expanding of your capillaries that causes the niacin flush. Because there are a lot of capillaries near the surface of your skin, the rush of blood through them causes your skin to temporarily redden. When you get the flush, you know the niacin is working. And unlike other niacin supplements, you’ll get the flush within just minutes of taking NiacinMax, proving it is just as bioavailable and fast acting as we say it is.

What about that itchy feeling?

Not everyone will feel itchy when they take NiacinMax, but if you do, it’s caused by histamine. Histamine is a natural chemical produced by your cells when your body is under attack (that’s why you take antihistamines to combat allergies). The sudden increase in toxins flowing out of your cells as a result of the increase in blood flow triggers histamine production. And unfortunately, histamine makes you itch. If you’ve ever suffered from hay fever, you’ll have already experienced the tingling, itchy sensation caused by histamines. It’s harmless, and again, is very mild and only temporary. Remember, the niacin flush will become less intense each time you take NiacinMax.

Why shouldn’t I buy flush-free niacin instead?

Flush-free niacin (sometimes called extended or slow release niacin) won’t cause the flush because it is niacinamide – a different type of niacin. Niacinamide only opens up the deep inner blood vessels, not the smaller blood vessels and capillaries that are found near the surface of your skin and in your muscles – which is exactly where you want more blood flowing to.

Non-Flush Niacin
(nicotinic acid)
Opens up the deep, inner blood vessels
Opens up the smaller blood vessels
Increases blood flow to muscles
Improves physical performance

NiacinMax contains nicotinic acid – the type of niacin that causes the flush. Remember, the flush is caused by your capillaries expanding to allow more blood to flow through them. So if you’re not getting the flush, you’re not getting the true vasodilation. Which means your muscles won’t be getting that increase in oxygen and nutrients that they need in order for you to improve your performance. Which is fine if you’re using niacin for one of its other many benefits such as lowering cholesterol28,29,30, but as an athlete, you need the niacin flush. It’s proof that NiacinMax has reached your bloodstream and is working. Embrace it!

I read that I can avoid the niacin flush by taking niacin with food. Is that true?

This is true, but when you take niacin with food, the presence of fats interferes with the spike in exercise-induced chemical changes that niacin causes2,16. Which is why we advise you to take NiacinMax first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Once I’ve built up a tolerance to the flush, if I stop taking NiacinMax will I still get the flush when I start to take it again?

Yes, you will. The flush will be more intense again when you take NiacinMax after a break, but it won’t be as intense as your very first one. Your tolerance will build much more quickly again too.

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